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IC Decapsulation systems

PS103S Plastic Mold Decapsulation system

PS103S is a Plastic Mold Decapsulation System.
Usable Acid: Fuming Nitric/ Sulfuric/ Fuming Sulfuric and Mixed Acid

PS105 Plastic Mold Decapsulation system

PS105 is a Plastic Mold Decapsulation System with Precision Acid Auto-Mixing Function. This produces low or no sample damage, low cost and high quality decap.

Laser IC decapsulation systems PL101i and PL121i

Laser IC Opener has released PL101i and PL121i. These models are able to decap Cu wire IC and also perform decapsulation on ultra small packages in constant pursue for improvement in usability. It is possible to upgrade from the current standard type to the new "i" type.

ES312 Dry Etching IC decapsulation systems

Dry Decapper ES 312 is the excellent decapsulation system for the resin on electronic components such as IC, LED by Reactive Ion Gas. 
We can promise the Efficient Dry Decapsulation for 3 samples at once by Automatic Matching and N2 gas regular blowing for residue.
Automatic Operation up to the end of Decap
Max 3 samples at once
High Repeatability Etching

ES301 Dry Etching IC decapsulation systems

Reactive Ion Etching System ES301 has a temperature controlling system on the stage and an original specimen setting method which always provide the stable etching rate.
Excellent repeatability at the stable etching rate
Specific etching is available in an isotropic or anisotropic mode.
Automatic matching


ES373 Dry Etching fine IC decapsulation systems

ES373 is Dry Etching System designed for Advanced LSI with Fine Process. It has superior functions and Ease of Use as system is specialized for LSI Failure Analysisthat has the capability for high aspect ratio etching on multi-layered devices. Memory function to store variable etching conditions.