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Maskless lythography

Tabletop Micro Pattern Generator μPG 101

The μPG 101 is an extremely economical and easy to use micro pattern generator for direct writing applications and low volume mask making. The system can be used for applications such as MEMS, Bio MEMS, Integrated Optics, Micro Fluidics or any other application that requires high precision, high-resolution microstructures.

The μPG 101 offers a very small footprint of only 60 x 75 cm² featuring a compact design with all electronic components integrated into the system. A personal computer is used for system control. The Windows® based control software makes it easy for users to convert the designs, perform a manual or automatic alignment and start the exposure.

The µPG 101 is designed to provide an easy and fast way to create the microstructures needed for your business or research. The tabletop system features exchangeable write modes to meet the resolution and write speed requirements of your specific application. It is the only available desktop lithography system in the market, which can produce sub-micron features. The small address grid allows placement of structures with very high accuracy. The real-time autofocus system monitors and corrects focus position during exposure, which guarantees high resolution and repeatability over the entire exposure area. Small address grid and real-time autofocus system are essential features for a professional micro pattern solution.

Applications for the µPG 101 include Life Science, MEMS, Semiconductor, Sensors, Actuators, MOEMS, Material Research, Nano-Tubes, Graphene, and any other application that requires microstructures. 

The Ultimate Lithography Research Tool DWL 66+

The DWL 66+ laser lithography system is an economical, high resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. The capabilities and flexibility of this system make it the ultimate lithographic research tool in Life Science, Advanced Packaging, MEMS, Micro-Optics, Semiconductor and all other applications that require microstructures. The customer base of the DWL 66 systems include over 200 leading universities and research facilities world wide. Many of the system features have been developed in close cooperation with these institutions.

The basic DWL 66+ includes all the features that are needed for successful creation and analysis of your microstructures. It can be used for mask making or direct exposure on basically any flat material coated with photoresist. Numerous optional features increase the flexibility and make the system suitable for more applications. And if one of your applications requires a special technology, it can most likely be implemented in the DWL 66+.

High Resolution Pattern Generators DWL 2000/ DWL 4000

The DWL 2000 and DWL 4000 laser lithography systems are fast, flexible high-resolution pattern generators for mask making and direct writing. With a write area of up to 400 x 400 mm2 these systems are the perfect solution for fast patterning of masks and wafers in MEMS, BioMEMS, Micro Optics, ASICs, Micro Fluidics, Sensors, CGHs, and all other applications that require microstructures.

In addition to high-resolution 2D patterns systems provide a special exposure mode, known as Gray Scale lithography, to create complex 3D structures in thick photoresist. In contrary to other technologies this method enables high throughput formation of 3D microstructures over large areas. Special software tools for optimization and evaluation of Gray Scale exposures have been developed to reduce the cycle time for new products. To ensure lowest surface roughness and shape conformity the systems support up to 4096 gray levels, an unmatched capability in the current market.  Most common applications include fabrication of wafer level optics used for telecommunication or illumination market segments where our systems are being used by some of the largest multinational corporations. Other new applications include display manufacturing as well as device fabrication in the areas of biology and life sciences.

Pattern Generators VPG 200/ VPG 400

The VPG 400 and VPG 200 family of systems introduce Heidelberg Instruments’ most advanced small and midsize Maskless Aligner Systems currently available on the market. These systems represent over 2 decades of application and process experience in small area lithography combined with advanced and field proven technology used on our industry standard large area VPG (Volume Pattern Generator) platforms. Combining high resolution, outstanding image quality and fast throughput, the VPG 400 and VPG 200 are ideal systems for rapid photomask fabrication.

Because of the high exposure speed, the VPG 400 and VPG 200 can be also used as a Maskless Aligner for direct exposure on wafers or any other flat substrates coated with photosensitive material. As an example, a 4” wafer can be patterned in less than 2 minutes, eliminating the need for photomasks and mask aligner tools. Systems can be used in a variety of demanding fields that require microstructures. Typical applications include MEMS, Advanced Packaging, 3D Integration, LED production, Life Science, Compound Semiconductor and other applications.